Two of the first legal challenges to Brexit have been rejected by a Belfast court.

A high court judge ruled that the Good Friday agreement in 1998 could not be used to grant Northern Ireland exemption from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

A victim of loyalist terrorism, Ulster politicians and community groups argued in court that because 56% of the Northern Ireland electorate voted to remain in the EU, the region’s devolved parliament should have the right to vote on staying in Europe.

But Mr Justice Paul Maguire dismissed this argument, pointing out that the Good Friday agreement was constitutionally relevant only “in the particular context of whether Northern Ireland should remain as part of the UK or unite with Ireland.”

Delivering his judgment in the high court on Friday morning, Mr Justice Maguire said the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland were still unclear after the prime minister indicated she would start negotiations to leave the EU before March 2017 …

This is an extract from an article in the Guardian on 28 October 2016

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